Why is the Sky Blue? An Anecdote Looking for a Home

Blue Sky (all rights reserved)

Mostly the stories I tell during training start out as a situation in need of an anecdote, and the anecdote appears. But not always.

I sometimes come across an anecdote that interests me, and I wonder when I will get to use it. I am confident it will happen, but I don't yet know how or where it will fit.

The one I have at the moment is that apparently most civilizations come up with a word for the colour blue long after they have named most other major colours. I found it in an online video teaching people (especially kids) why the sky is blue. The video did not explain why people take so long to name the colour blue. I have my own theory, but that may not be necessary to use the anecdote.

(If you are wondering why the sky is blue, the video is here: Why is the Sky Any Color?)

I am sure I'll get to use this anecdote in a training session, but at this point I'm not sure when and where.