The Creative Whack Pack Revisited

The Creative Whack Pack in Use (all rights reserved)
I have previously posted about Roger von Oech's Creative Whack Pack (including providing directions for using the cards).  The Creative Whack Pack is a set of cards with advice on how to be creative.  I thought I would return to this tool, given that the cards have been used in some of my recent innovation and facilitation workshops.

To recap, there are four types of cards:  ones with blue writing are the explorer cards which are used to understand the problem; the orange ones (artist cards) and green ones (judge cards) are used to create new ideas and review new ideas (respectively); and the red warrior cards give advice for implementing ideas.  Each card tells a story and encourages you to ask some questions about your situation, your problem and/or your potential solutions.  For an example click here to see a card at Roger von Oech's website.

At these workshops, responses to this creative method varied.  Everyone enjoyed reading the cards and discussing them.  Some people felt that the cards assisted them in addressing their opportunity or challenge; others felt that the cards were reliant on a longer lead time and other events to succeed.

One group using the cards were able to see their problem from some different perspectives.  They identified and gave consideration to some stakeholders that may be able to assist in overcoming a significant challenge.  They were also led by the cards to see some new ways to overcome barriers to implementation of their solution. They felt that the cards were very useful.

Another group expressed reservations.  An example that they used to explain these is a card which suggests that dreams can assist in finding creative solutions.  They felt that this did not help with their problem 'here and now'.

A problem which I expected was that some groups were distracted from dealing with their problem by the excitement of reading the cards.  This is overcome as people become familiar with the cards; but is common for groups when they are introduced to the cards for the first time.

I love the cards, and have enjoyed using the recently released iPhone app as a prompt for seeing things differently.

If you want to get the cards, you can order them through Amazon and other outlets.  Click here to go to iTunes if you are interested in the iPhone and iPad app.  You can also read Roger's blog here.