A Traditional Trainers' Task - Admin/Misc

Admin/Misc PowerPoint Slides (all rights reserved)
It is nice to get a compliment.  Recently I was told that it was appreciated that I did a traditional trainers' task: doing the admin.

I usually have a slide with the title 'Admin' or 'Misc' or 'Administrivia' or 'Stuff'.  On the slide it has a list of the things that I think people need to know before we go too far into the workshop.

Some of these are included in the photo above.  They include:
  • Timing & breaks
  • Evacuation
  • Comfort station/amenities (toilets)
  • Staying focussed
  • Be open-minded
  • Encourage your workmates
  • (Something about) mobile phones
  • And more
You might also notice that I keep it relevant and 'mix it up' by not covering the same things in the same way every time.

I'm not sure when I started doing this.  The oldest record I can find in my file archive only dates back to 2006 - and it was called 'Practicalities'.  However, this was roughly when I started using PowerPoint in workshops.  I trained for many years with only a script and a large whiteboard before I started using PowerPoint consistently.  This stuff is covered in Australia's Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.  And for the old-fogies, I cannot remember whether Mager and Pipe discussed it, but is certainly likely.