Room Layout - Sight Lines

 This is a narrow room I work in regularly:
Training Room (all rights reserved)
You can see where people usually sit.  The room is best for 6 to 8 people, although it can accommodate double that number at a pinch.  The layout above is one I use frequently.

There is a problem with the room in this configuration.  Where do I stand?  The screen dominates sight lines for the participants, leaving little space for the facilitator.

I cannot step out of the way for people sitting on this side of the room, due to the whiteboard and stored chairs:
Training Room - Right Side (all rights reserved) 
And I cannot step out of the way on this side of the room due to the wooden cabinet and the laptop table:
Training Room - Left Side (all rights reserved) 
After a little while standing between the cabinet and laptop table, I feel like moving around.

The things I do are:
  1. Keep moving, on the assumption that I am sharing blocking the screen equally across everyone.
  2. Make sure that most of what is on the slides is in the workbook, so people who cannot see it there can look down instead.
  3. Maintain a good level of eye contact, so I get a hint if people want me to move.
  4. When a new slide comes up I try to get out of everyone's way, even if it is only briefly.
 What else could I do?