Icebreaker: Getting to Know Each Other

Every now and then I develop a tool for a client that could be useful for other people. In this case the client is running a short get-to-know-each-other and get-organised session for a workgroup that is usually separated geographically.

I offered to provide a short activity that could be used to get to know each other. Having pondered for a while I turned to a trainers' resource you should be familiar with called Google. Thanks to Kristin Bird who writes on Yahoo Voices, I was able to provide the activity below...

Go around the room taking it in turns finishing some sentences. Only introduce one sentence at a time. You might need to repeat the sentence for participants who are caught up in the activity. Pick 3-6 of the questions below (based on suitability), or write some of your own:

  1. “My name is …”
  2. “My organisation is in the business of …”
  3. “I’m here because …”
  4. “I think our clients could benefit from …”
  5.  “If I wasn’t here, I would be …”
  6. “When I feel nervous, I …”
  7. “The most important contribution I make at work is …”
  8. “In groups, I like it when the leader …”
  9. “If I was in charge today, I would make sure to …”
  10. “My favourite character from television or movies is …”
  11. “If there were no such thing as gravity, I would live in a …”
  12. “When my mobile phone rings at 11pm, I think …”

This exercise is adapted from Kristin's original post. She suggest some more and different questions, so for more ideas, read her post: Group Activities: Ice Breakers to Help People Get to Know Each Other.