Finishing a Meeting - Once Around the Table

Once Around the Table (all rights reserved)
Going 'once around the table' is a good way to finish a meeting, especially one at which not everyone has had an equal opportunity to speak.  This technique allows people to walk away from the table feeling that they have had a say, or at least an opportunity to speak.

The Insiders program on the (Australian) ABC television is a good example of this.  There are three members on the panel, and the host Barry Cassidy finishes the program by asking for 'final observations' and giving each panelist an opportunity to say something.  In many cases these titbits are a highlight of the program.

You can also use this at other parts of a meeting or a workshop.  For example, when an important decision is being made.  It breaks from the 'jump in when you want to say something' style most of us adopt; it encourages people to make a contribution; and it reduces (without eradicating) the chances of someone who attended saying later that they did not get to contribute.

Give it a try.  I am sure you will get some rich input you would have missed otherwise.