Finishing, Concluding, Ending, Stopping (3)

In finishing, different types of sessions call for different approaches, such as:
  • If you are wrapping up a training session, don't just list the topics that were covered.  Take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce key aspects of what has been learnt.
  • If it was a session in which people provided input, let them know what will be done with what you have collected, and about any ongoing involvement they can have.
  • If you presented information, give people an opportunity to ask questions.  (Don't scrimp here - a pet hate of my friend and colleague Claire Rodgers at Fitzroy Basin Association is leaving insufficient time for questions that do justice to your topic.)
  • If you set homework during the session, remind participants of the homework.
  • If people volunteered to do something, remind them of their commitment.
  • If there is one really important message in what you have communicated, finish by restating the message.